STEM Toy Collection 35013 AR Deluxe Micro-Blocks (Plankton+Bacteria&Viruses) 3 In 1 Modular Microscope Set

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Type: Toys


  • AR Micro-Blocks includes three objective lenses: 60x, 150x, and 300x.
  • The lenses are optimized for smartphones and offer high quality with a mass reduction in size and weight
  • Mini in size and it is easy to be carried around. Plus, you can use the three lenses individually to access the macro-photography feature

Other Special Features:

  • Scan the dedicated AR Slides to enable augmented reality function. View eye-popping 3D animations of 11 different planktons + 11 different bacteria and viruses.
  • Take a break from learning and relax with fun, educational games in app.
  • Use the Virtual Laboratory to learn different ways of eliminating pathogens, including the Coronavirus.
  • High quality lenses offer 60/150/300X magnification and superb sharpness AR Microscope set designed for smartphones and tablets* Rearrange the magnetic block units to enable 3 distinct functions (microscope, slide projector & macro-photography lenses).

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