EC-860 Protective Goggles 護目鏡

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  • Anti Fog Lens 防霧鏡片
  • Ventilated design keeps head cool during extended use 通風設計可在長時間使用時保持頭部涼爽
  • Wide field of vision 視野開闊
  • Comfortable seal 舒適的密封
  • Adjustable strap 可調節肩帶
  • Fits over prescription spectacles 適合處方眼鏡
  • Protect against splashes of liquid 防止液體飛濺 
  • Resistance to high speed particles 抗高速粒子
  • Product Size 產品尺寸: 18cm (L) x 6 cm(D) x 8cm (H)


  1. Europe - EN166 (Report Number: YW20200420)
  2. US - AN/SI/Z87.1 (Report number: YW20200419)

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