STEM Toy Collection 36074 12-in-1 Electrical Experimental Set

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- Detail guide for 12 exciting experiments about electrical science!

1. Make a light
2. Make a Fan
3. Make a Bell
4. Make a Motor
5. Static electricity
6. Resistor
7. Diode
8. Conductor and insulator
9. Make a Morse code machine
10. Electromagnet
11. Light Control Alarm
12. Solar power cell

Batteries Required:
2 X AA (not included)

For Ages 8 and up

WARNING! Only for use by children over 8 years old. To be used solely under the strict supervision of adults that have studied the precautions given in the experimental set. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. Choking hazards. Hair entanglement may result if the child’s head is too close to the motorized unit of this toy. This toy contains functional sharp point – on the component leads. Do not short-circuit the battery terminals and spring connectors, which may cause overheating. Do not lock the motor or other moving parts, which may cause overheating. The wires are not to be inserted into socket outlets. Use with care and only under supervision of adult.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 8 years. This product contains a small magnet. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious injuries. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed.

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